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Energy Assessment

Fill out our simple solar quote questionnaire and we will determine your solar needs.

Energy Assessment
Solar Home Proposal

Solar Home Proposal

SolarMatch® submits the home proposal to our vast network of solar partners.



Compare solar quotes side by side to ensure the best possible deal!



A fully licensed and insured professional installation team will come out and set you up with your new solar system.


Save Money

Start saving money immediately with your new financial asset!

Save Money

More Than One Quote; One Simple Place.

Most solar companies just want to sell you a solar system.

SolarMatch® is a proprietary platform designed to ensure that you get the absolute best deal possible by working with a vast network of solar companies across the USA.


Reasons To Go Solar

  • Save The Planet

    Begin generating clean, pure renewable energy that helps the earth and stop using dirty electricity made from fossil fuels and gases.

  • Save Money

    Solar is cheaper than electric! Start saving money immediately with a lower fixed solar payment.

  • Lower Fixed Rates

    Electric rates rise approximately 3-4% each year. Your solar payment will never go up.

  • Federal Tax Credit

    The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) turns into a cash rebate equal to 26% of your system cost.

  • Increased Value

    Installing a solar system on your home will increase its’ value by $30,000 to $40,000 on average.


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